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Scholastic Information

Welcome to BCHS's Scholastic Information page.

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Honor Roll

A student must earn all A's and B's for a grading period to be placed on the honor roll for that term.


Honor Graduates

Each year at graduation honor graduates are recognized.  To qualify for this recognition a student must earn a GPA falling into the following catagories.

3.3 - 3.49         Cum Laude

3.5 - 3.79         Magna Cum Laude

3.8 and higher   Summa Cum Laude


KEES Money

  • Kentucky resident
  • earn a minimum of 2.5 GPA  at the end of a high school year in an approved curriculum
  • plan to attend a participating Kentucky college
  • not convicted of a felony
  • based on their GPA for each year of high school
  • bonus awards gained based on ACT scores & qualifying scores on AP exams

 *Information taken from Getting In magazine provided by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority