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“College Credit Hours Earned at BCHS Surpasses the 1,000 Mark”
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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

“College Credit Hours Earned at BCHS Surpasses the 1,000 Mark”

            Change is a word that we hear a lot of these days. Everything is changing in the business world, the agriculture world, and the education world. The twenty-first century working world has and will continue to demand that individuals be ready for the continuing changes taking place. Therefore, it is essential that students in the Breckinridge County School District take advantage of every opportunity to set themselves up for future years to come as they enter the global economy after high school graduation.

             Fortunately, students today have many options after graduation. They may choose to enter the work force immediately or to even serve our nation proudly in the United States Military. Many students choose to attend a university, a community college, or a technical school in hopes of continuing their education. They hope to set themselves apart in the global economy with more opportunities to obtain gainful employment.

            In recent years, dual credit opportunities have increased at Breckinridge County High School in an effort to provide students the chance to begin earning college credit while still enrolled in high school. Currently, students at BCHS have the opportunity to earn college credit through Campbellsville University in History, Chemistry, Math, and English courses for $156 per class. Two additional classes are offered in Math and Public Speaking through Elizabethtown Community and Technical College at a cost of $156. The cost of taking the same class at the actual college and/or university is listed below.



Campbellsville University


University of Kentucky


University of Louisville


Western Kentucky University


Murray State University


Eastern Kentucky University


Elizabethtown Community & Technical College


Owensboro Community & Technical College



            As you can see above, the opportunity for students at BCHS to earn college credit at a discounted rate will save money and time in their efforts to achieve their goals in the twenty-first century working world. During the 2016-17 school year, BCHS students earned a total of 1,347 college credit hours through this program, which was an increase from the 990 hours earned the previous year. Moving forward, BCHS will continue to offer as many opportunities as possible for students to begin their college careers while still enrolled in high school.

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