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BCHS Delegation Makes History at KYA 2016!
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016
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Breckinridge County High School Student Delegation Impresses at KYA

            Fifty-five students represented Breckinridge County High School at the Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) on November 20th, 21st, and 22nd.  The Kentucky Youth Assembly is a three-day experiential learning conference in which students participate directly in a simulation of the Commonwealth’s democratic process. Acting as Senators and Representatives, students write, debate, and vote on legislation that affects them. As candidates, lobbyists, or members of the media, students experience the rich spectrum of activity that constitutes our political process. As advocates and justices, students argue and judge a legal case in the Supreme Court chambers of Kentucky. Officers elected by students serve as Governor, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Media Corps Editor in Chief, and other conference leadership positions.

            The Breckinridge County High School Student Y Club was honored by receiving an award for accumulating between 400 and 700 community service hours during the 2015-16 school year. On day one of the conference, BCHS made KYA Conference history by having the highest ranked Bluegrass Bills in both the House and the Senate. Alex Burke, Clayton Burkes, Cameron Howard, Lily Kasey, and Derrick Medley were provided the opportunity to present and debate their bills on the actual floors of the House of Representatives and the Senate in Frankfort, Kentucky on Monday. Both bills successfully passed as a result of their efforts.  Darian Thompson, Morgan Lucas, Abby Morton, and Christine Mattingly were the sponsors of the Delegation’s third bill and their bill also passed the House and the Senate. The bill sponsors met with the KYA Lieutenant Governor as a part of the process. 

            Breckinridge County High School’s Delegation developed and presented a total of five bills at KYA and all passed the House and Senate. There were two Commonwealth bills presented by the school’s Delegation as well. Chance Peterson, Alex Flood, Julia Mattingly, and Hunter Payne received a plaque for their bill being signed into law by the KYA Governor.  Kassidy Riviello, Drew Hinton, and Ariel Kennedy’s bill, even though it was passed overwhelmingly in the House and Senate, was not signed into law by the KYA Governor due to budget constraints. The following morning, Kassidy, Drew, and Ariel filed a petition to veto override the KYA Governor’s decision and were provided one minute to present their case in front of 1,600 people. John Thornhill ran a tough campaign for Bluegrass Presiding Officer Candidate as well at the conference.  His slogan of “Vote the Real Deal, Thornhill” will likely be remembered for many conferences to come. The follow awards were earned by BCHS students at KYA:

·         BCHS Y Club:  Accumulated between 400 and 700 community service hours in the 2015-16 school year

·         Outstanding Bill Packet:  Breckinridge County High School

·         Outstanding Delegate:  Bryant Tabor

·         Delegation of Excellence:  Breckinridge County High School.

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