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BCHS Class of 2016 Achieves Historic High Scores on the ACT
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015
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BCHS Class of 2016 Achieves Historic High Scores on the ACT

            The Kentucky Department of Education utilizes an assessment system in public schools annually called “Unbridled Learning.” Part of this system calls for all public high school eleventh grade students in Kentucky to be administered the ACT. All members of the class of 2016 at Breckinridge County High School were administered the ACT in early March 2015 and the entire class achieved record scores. A chart of those record scores is below.


2015 School Score

2015 State Average Score
















            The ACT is a curriculum and standards based educational and career planning tool that assesses students’ academic readiness for college. The state of Kentucky Postsecondary Council has set college readiness benchmark scores for each tested area that students entering college must achieve in order to enroll in college level courses. Students who do not achieve these benchmark scores, but still wish to attend college are allowed to do so. However, those students are required to enroll in remedial courses in each area benchmarks were not attained. Unfortunately, successful completion of these remedial courses do not count towards degree credit, but still places a tuition burden on students.

            Teachers and staff at Breckinridge County High School continue to work very hard daily to prepare students for the twenty-first century working world. The school’s daily guided study period (Tiger Time) is utilized weekly to assist students with ACT preparation in different content areas. In addition, Tiger Time is utilized to help students who are struggling in academics and to allow enrichment for students who are performing high. Teachers also continue to adjust daily instruction accordingly to provide multiple opportunities for students to increase their skills in an effort to score higher on the ACT. The ACT is administered multiple times each school year at Breckinridge County High School and it is recommended that all students take it multiple times throughout their high school experience. Anyone interested in signing up to take the ACT may do so by visiting

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