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Inspiring a passion for learning- Why Not the Best?

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     My name is Nick Carter and I have been privileged and honored to serve as principal of Breckinridge County High School since July 1, 2010. My time as principal of our school has been very exciting and rewarding. Over the last several years, Breckinridge County High School has become a Distinguished/High Performing School in the state of Kentucky. Recently, our school was recognized as a model school by the Kentucky Department of Education. State recognition isn’t the only accolades our students and staff are earning. Recently, we were recognized by US News & World Report as a Bronze Medal school, which is a national award.

     Our school is one of the best to attend in our area for three main reasons. First, the community our school serves is extremely supportive. We are a school district with only one high school and a true community school. The entire Breckinridge County community supports us in everything we do. Attendance at extracurricular events like basketball, football, choral and band concerts, and other events is incredible. The annual Junior/Senior Prom at our school is something to remember. Community members line up and treat our kids like they are walking down the “red carpet” in Hollywood for the special occasion. Graduation is a wonderful experience at our school. Each year, over 4,000 community and family members attend graduation and recognize our students’ accomplishments. Another reason our school is the best to attend in the area is the size. Our student body size fluctuates between 875 and 900 students. Teachers know their students because class sizes are very manageable. Also, school leadership know students by name and are very willing to do whatever it takes to help them succeed. The final reason Breckinridge County High School is the best place to attend school is our high expectations for each other and ourselves. All of us can agree that the twenty first century working world is complex and challenging. Therefore, we have to do whatever it takes as a staff to ensure our students maximize their learning potential and graduate college and/or career ready. We are working with students early on in their high school careers to prepare them for career pathways, college, technical school, or the military. Our school curriculum offers nine career pathways in the fields of Agriculture, Business Education, Multimedia, and Family Consumer Science. All students are provided ACT preparation early on to ensure they meet ACT benchmarks and are able to enroll in college level courses after high school if they wish.

     Breckinridge County High School is a student first school. Everything we do is for the students we serve. As educators, we are all public servants afforded the responsibility of serving the community in which we work. At our school, we focus on three main questions. How can we ensure all students learn? Are we working as a team to do what is best for our students? What do the results tell us? Without question, we will do whatever it takes to ensure all students learn to their full potential at our school. Effective collaboration between staff members will take place on a daily basis to ensure best practices are used to benefit our students. Student assessment data doesn’t lie. Students at our school are either mastering content or not. We will use student assessment results to determine next steps for continuous improvement at our school.

     We work every day to maintain a culture of excellence at Breckinridge County High School. Striving for excellence is the mark in our relentless pursuit towards greatness. Be a champion!